How we work

Usually, a collaboration between HEAP Research BV and a new client encompasses the following steps:

  1. First contact and definition of relevant issues, markets and client targets;
  2. Agreement on approach in terms of outputs and deliverables;
  3. Development of a HEAP Research BV proposal how to reach agreed targets and budget;
  4. Execution of agreed plan by development of a range of services such as:

Fee Structure

If you engage HEAP Research BV

HEAP Research BV usually operates on the basis of a fee for services and volume generated margin, but alternative schemes are considered, depending on project risk and time frame. For investment projects in health care infrastructure alternative solutions may be agreed.

For health restructuring projects on behalf of public sector parties, once projects are generated, HEAP Research BV usually maintains the contract with the funding agency and is in charge of project management.

November 10th, 2012: Visit of First Lady from Georgia Mrs Sandra Roelofs to our Rehabilitation Clinic in Yerevan, Armenia

Lining up early morning at a public hospital in Sumatra (2009, EU)

Construction of a pharmaceutical production plant in Bulgaria (2006, PSOM)

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