In 1994, HEAP Research BV was founded as a limited liability company according to Dutch law.

Main Objective:

To provide market access capability to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices and technical consultation services to mainly the public and private sector to further the development of health care systems within the European Community, Eastern Europe and Developing Countries.

Senior Partners

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Services Offered

HEAP Research BV has developed an extensive set of market access and business advisory and project acquisition, development and management services for clients in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries as well as healthcare policy and delivery organisations and investments in the health care sector .... -- read more --

Opportunities for potential HEAP Research BV clients

Market and investment opportunities for small and medium sized pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers and private and public health care providers in growth markets.... -- read more --

How we work

The steps that encompass the collaboration between HEAP Research BV and a new client, fee structure, consulting services, investment ownership.... -- read more --

Track record

Examples of past and present HEAP Research bv projects.... -- read more --

Director Pharmaceutical Company:

"We are looking for a one stop shop solution to take our product from early pricing to final reimbursement."

Director Medical Device Company:

"We do not know the EU market and would like to know how quickly we can bring our new product to the market and what is needed for clinical and economic profiling."

Director private Hospital:

"HEAP Research BV has proven to be a very reliable and trustworthy co-investor in our new facility for the treatment of patients with chronic disabilities."

Director Department of Health Services, Ministry of Health:

"HEAP Research BV developed a proposal for us to structure our Mother and Child Health (MCH) Services in a modern way and got the funding for a major restructuring project for the next few years. This will bring our MCH services in line with EC standards and methods."

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