Opportunities for clients

Pricing and Reimbursement Opportunities for pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers

HEAP Research BV has an established track record in pricing and reimbursement issues for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. As a relatively small enterprise we are able to work efficiently and within agreed timelines.

Market opportunities for medium sized health technology companies

Large health technology and pharmaceutical manufacturers tend to operate on a global basis and usually have established offices and affiliates in most emerging markets. However, smaller manufacturing firms, roughly those with up to 250 employees, tend to have a smaller reach, focussing on a regional or even a local approach. The reason for this is usually a lack of capacity or experience to establish a presence on many major markets. Such a presence can have many different shapes. For instance, in collaboration with a local partner joint marketing and sales agreements can be reached. Alternatively, cooperation may mean the establishment of a joint venture and the joint investment in local production and manufacturing.

It is clearly the case that countries with a developing economy are very much focussed on creating their own production and marketing facilities, especially in areas such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical equipment (so-called spearhead industries) often with partners from the West to overcome the technology and financing gap.

To establish such collaboration international organisations such as the IFC, EU, EBRD, ADB and Dutch authorities offer a variety of investment and subsidy instruments. HEAP Research BV has extensive knowledge of these instruments. To acquire these funds, it is vital to maintain good contacts with these authorities.

Opportunities for international healthcare reform projects

For expert organisations involved in healthcare delivery, a variety of international projects can be developed according to funding sources and organisations.

There is a great variety in programmes supporting technical assistance and training in healthcare provision. HEAP Research BV has extensive knowledge of various Dutch and international programmes, which on a regular basis offer tender or other projects. These programmes are for instance from the Netherlands Ministries of Foreign and Economic Affairs, European Union, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

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