Track record

The following presents an overview of the main clients and fields of expertise of HEAP research BV:

Market access of pharmaceuticals and medical devices manufacturers

Clients of HEAP Research BV the past five years have included (list not exhaustive): Alkalabo, Allergan, Almirall, Amgen, Axogen, Biolitec, BMS, Celltech, Celution, Covidien, Cytori, Eisai, Genzyme, Grenthal, GSK, Inspire, Ipsen, Knopp, Linde, Netherlands Royal Foundation of Guide Dogs, Norgine, MSD, Pharmamar, Pharmaxis, Pfizer, Raptor, Sanofi, Shire, Sigma Tau, Solvay, Stallergenes, Tigenics, Takeda, UCB.

Clinical areas of experience have involved: acromegaly, ADHD, allergy, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), breast cancer correction, bronchiectasis, cartilage defects, chronic hand eczema, chronic pain, cystic fibrosis, cystinosis, depression, diabetes, DVT, endocrine carcinoma, epilepsy, Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT), HIV/AIDS, heart disease and ischemic attacks, hypertension, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), epilepsy, macular oedema, malaria, medical cannabis, medical devices, oncology, pain management, Parkinson's disease. reflux, respiratory immunotherapy, rheumatoid arthritis, status epilepticus, squamous cell carcinoma, testosterone, steroids, ventilation services and stem cells.

Market opportunities for the public and the private sector

Development of funding proposals for investments supported by institutional organisations such as AgentschapNL (former EVD), FMO, IFC and EBRD for approximately 25 private and public sector clients. Recent projects include: Mother and Child Health Care in Macedonia (ORIO) and the set up of rehabilitation facilities for patients with chronic disabilities in Armenia, Egypt and the Sudan (PSI).

Opportunities for international healthcare reform projects

Over the past ten years about 45 projects in health care reform in Albania, Armenia, Chile, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Hungary, Georgia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lao PDR, Latvia, Lesotho, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malawi, Moldova, Morocco, North Cyprus, Poland, Russian Federation, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Serbia, Sudan, Surinam, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zambia on primary health care, health financing and insurance, pharmaceutical policy, mother and child health care, sexual health, reform of the blood sector, vaccines, hospital management, occupational health, mental health, health policy development on behalf of European Union, Netherlands Government, World Bank, ADB and WHO. Recent work has involved a large reform project of the blood sector in Kazakhstan (World Bank) and a comparative study of clinical practice guidelines in the EU and the Russian Federation (EU).

October 2011: Opening by the NL Ambassador and the Armenian Minister of Labour of the "JV Artmed-HEAP" rehabilitation hospital in Yerevan, Armenia (PSI)

Plaquette of the new JV (PSI)

Staff of the new clinic in Yerevan

Pharmaceutical supply in a regional hospital in Sumatra, Indonesia (2009, EU)

Mental health reform project in Eastern Turkey (2009, MATRA, NL Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

How to deal with chronic mental patients? Attitudinal training Istanbul (2011, MATRA, NL Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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